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  • 2015-11-27

We’re committed to staff development, and making sure our teams learn from each new challenge.

Here at TC, we’ve been gazing deeply into the centre of the human mind. Yes, it sounds crazy, but even though our teams have been staring at diagrams of brain cells, it’s all for a higher purpose. Our staff have been on a series of training sessions, to encourage open mindedness, and help ensure we’re constantly learning as we face new challenges.

The brain is where it all begins.

So it’s true, we stared at pictures of brain cells – officially called neurons - and found out that as we learn, the connections between individual cells grow stronger. The trick is to keep learning new things, so that the connections improve in various different parts of the brain, rather than just one area.

A good way to do that is to sit down and practice thinking about things in a relaxed, almost childlike way. You might not worry all that much about how we’re applying our new thinking to time management or leadership styles, but hopefully as a customer, you’ll see some of our investment in people paying off when you work with us. And you can help, too. If you’ve got any feedback on your experiences working with TC, we’d love to hear it.

As a team we’re constantly looking for ways to learn and improve – you never know where staring at a picture of a neuron might lead. If you’d like to work at a company where you can develop and learn new skills, get in touch today.