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  • 2016-01-01

We’ve not always been such a super-slick operation; we used to share space with pigs...

We started out life way back in 1990 as Trump Chairs Limited, working from an office in Chew Magna, with a small warehouse.

Well, when we say ‘office’ we mean ‘bungalow’, and when we say ‘warehouse’ we mean ‘pig shed’.

Yep, that’s right, we housed our furniture products in a converted old pig shed.

Back then we had a pair of playing cards as part of our logo, and shortly after Dan Wooler joined as the MD in 1999, Trump Chairs got shortened to the much friendlier acronym ‘TC’, and as we were acquiring more people and skills, we added ‘Group’ to it too. We then developed the logo from cards into the distinctive mark you see today.

Following our name and logo change we expanded the operation and formed a 50:50 joint venture in Ireland, called TSS, and diversified into the educational market by acquiring 50% of Titan Furniture Ltd. In the subsequent year following the success of our ventures we signed a 5-year office furniture outsourcing deal with VOW, worth £60m, pretty good going right?

In 2011 we set up Logos fulfilment services to execute the VOW deal, and then in 2012 a mountain of changes were executed: including implementation of the group ERP IT system, consolidating the warehouses to Birmingham, and moving the HQ offices to Aztec West, Bristol. As if that wasn’t enough we also launched the TCU seating manufacturing business.

That was an awful lot of stuff to take on, so we spent the following year in recovery (well, we didn’t launch anything new at least, and tried to catch our breath). By 2014 we were ready to go again, relocating Titan production to Bristol, and merging its operation with TCU.

Now, in 2016, we’re a well-oiled, super-slick and fun business, that sells a lot of furniture to a lot of people. We also employ many happy, intelligent and hardworking staff, which sees us doing incredibly well on our own Company Happiness Index – something that we are very proud of.

Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, we’re more committed than ever to our people and customers.  We are excited about the prospect of continuing our drive for innovation and introducing new products and services to our customers.