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  • 2016-01-26

Contributing to a charity, having fun, and making a difference...

We like pulling together as a team to get good stuff done, and recently we were a proud sponsor of the Bloodbikes NICU Support cycle ride.

This charity plays a vital role in getting breast milk delivered to neonatal intensive care units, which helps to save the lives of premature and sick babies.

We helped participants on the ride, providing a support car and a team of riders to assist all of the cyclists who were raising funds.

That meant we were the ones who got up early, prepared the bikes, mended punctures, filled water bottles, sorted the helmets, handed out hi-viz jackets and generally made sure everyone was ready to roll so that they could meet their daily mileage targets.

The route took the cyclists and our support team from Edinburgh down to Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, then on into the Midlands, down to London and across to Bristol

Whenever a rider flagged, we were there to give them encouragement - and to lend them our bikes if they had a puncture or a mechanical issue!

Alongside all of this, we also set up a parallel ride actually in our Group office kitchen, using a static exercise bike.

All of us attempted to mirror the on-the-road mileage done by our team between Liverpool and London, and while the real cyclists rode 245 miles, our kitchen crew smashed that target and did 297.9! Even with the static bike's worst saddle in history...

We sponsored the event alongside Harvey Nichols, which raised nearly £40,000 for NICU Support. So a huge congratulations and a big thank you to everyone involved.

You can find out more about NICU Support on Facebook, or visit the charity's website.

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