Meet Flok.

We believe that offices shouldn’t look like offices. They should look and feel like adaptive, flexible, and fun spaces that create a relaxing and sociable atmosphere for everyone. Flok wants to uplift workspaces, encourage collaboration, and ultimately make us feel more at home in our workspaces

Intertwining soft seating into working and learning environments is the ideal way to create relaxing spaces where creativity is able to flow freely without the added distractions that busy office settings can bring. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Flok creates modern, comfortable, and unique furniture that can adapt perfectly to social, working, and learning spaces and encourage creativity and productivity.


Flok offers a wide range of armchairs, sofas, and dens to refresh spaces and create a relaxing and sociable atmosphere. 

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1


Retreat is the perfect solution for office and learning environments looking to re-energise their space. With a slanted roof, high side panels, and a central table with optional integrated power supplies, lighting and TV screens, users can work comfortably within these retreats, whether it be in private or as a collective team.

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1


Our armchairs, two-seater, and three-seater sofas on castors are a perfect edition to re-energise working, learning and social spaces. These chairs have been specifically designed with castors to enable movement and collaboration between its users and allow them the ability to design spaces to fit their own requirements.  

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1

cove desk

Our cove desks are a perfect way to reconfigure tired and busy office spaces. These desks can be arranged in various ways, tailored to your own personal needs and requirements for your space. Our solitary workstations are the perfect solution for loud and busy working environments, creating a space to quietly work in privacy and your own space.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, Flok is a bespoke soft seating range, offering a fully customisable service to meet each customer’s personal needs and requirements. We offer a wide range of fabrics and can upholster to match personal taste and brand aesthetics to create a space that is perfect for you and your business.

As part of our fully customisable service, we can also offer our customer's bespoke sizing, tailoring our products to fit within your space, however compact or open. Our metal legs and frames are available with a black or white powder coat finish as standard, but we are able to customise colours to specifically match your office decor. 

So, whether you’re looking to create bright breakout areas or match all colours to your brand to keep a consistent style and feel, Flok can create this easily, tailoring everything to your specific requirements


built-in technology

More than ever before, we rely on technology; screens, tablets, laptops, and phones becoming ever-present in our lives and harder to work without. Our soft seating range is entirely bespoke with an abundance of solutions to our co-dependency with technology. 

The Flok collection offers a range of built-in technology options, enhancing not only the way we can work in office spaces, but also how we can connect and collaborate. Choose from an integrated power supply, wireless charging, and lighting, perfect for users looking to be able to hot desk and move around their space freely. 

Optional plug and USB ports and brackets to mount TV screens to booths are perfect for video conferencing, presenting one on one, and casual meetings.

Create a comfortable and practical solution to re-imagine spaces and make them work for you and your team. 


sustainability & the environment

Here at TC, concern for the environment and the connection people have with it, is integral to our business and reflected in all our products. We place the highest importance on creating long-lasting designs, so you can use our products for years to come.

Sustainability and responsibility are two aspects that are closely interlinked within the furniture industry and is something we take seriously when designing and developing new products and ranges like Flok. Flok highly adheres to the idea of being a sustainable and environmentally friendly collection.

Flok’s materials have been sustainably sourced from FSC suppliers. The Flok collection has been manufactured in accordance with FISP (The Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme), based around sustainable and ethical development and can be used to meet furniture criteria on SKA rating.


We envision the office spaces of the future as contemporary places where we’ll be able to work, learn and socialise in a way that is tailored specifically to our own needs and aesthetics. Flok wants to be a part of that vision.  

For more information on Flok, please contact our sales team by email at or by phone at 01454 207 360.