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Our Extra-ordinary Story

We’re not like other businesses. We have just one simple philosophy at the heart of what we do, and it’s only three words long: People are important.

It’s our employees and customers that inspire us, and drive us forward.

We’ve helped to shape and mould our team from all walks of life, developing them within the business to create genuine wellbeing, and you’ll get this feeling when you deal with us. We care about you and your needs.

Along with other elements from within TC we distil this feeling of wellbeing into what we know as the ‘TC Spirit’, a general company-wide vibe that we feel very passionately about. The TC Spirit helps to remind us all that we’re extra-ordinary.

It’s the hyphen between 'extra' and 'ordinary' which makes all the difference in our story, connecting TC's two sides and helping us to achieve our goal of going beyond what you'd expect.

We’ve been exceeding expectations for 26 years, and we consistently deliver an extremely high level of customer satisfaction – that’s why our customer retention is 98%!. We pride ourselves on that statistic, it shows how much importance we place on getting things right.