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Our People

Tc 0023 nicholas froom

Nicholas Froom

Quality and Returns Team Leader

Tc 0013 caroline pope

Caroline Pope

Inventory Control Manager

Tc 0006 chris davidge

Chris Davidge

Logistics Manager

Tc 0009 nicholas borrie

Nicholas Borrie

IT Manager

Tc 0031 paul grisley

Paul Grisley

Credit Control Team Leader

Tc 0030 andrew morgan

Andrew Morgan

Group Commercial Director

Tc 0035 andy warren

Andy Warren

Group Sales Director

Tc 0018 robert hepworth

Robert Hepworth

Regional Field Sales Manager

Tc 0028 matthew hunt

Matthew Hunt

Production Manager

Tc 0027 iain dunlop

Iain Dunlop

Warehouse Manager

Tc 0034 christopher facey

Christopher Facey

Group Finance Director

Tc 0002 francesca hunt

Francesca Hunt

Customer Service Assistant (part time)

Tc 0012 andy humphrey

Andy Humphrey

Operations Manager

Tc 0001 martin squibb

Martin Squibb

National Field Sales Manager

Tc 0032 rebecca tudor

Rebecca Tudor

Finance Manager

Tc 0020 joseph tarbuck

Joseph Tarbuck

Quality and Returns Supervisor

Tc 0019 marcus williams

Marcus Williams

Research and Design Team Leader

Tc 0033 neil tutlow

Neil Tetlow

Credit Control Supervisor

Tc 0008 andrew parker

Andrew Parker

Internet Team Manager