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TC Spirit

The TC Spirit isn’t something you can put your finger on, but it’s there, and it guides us on our journey.

The TC Spirit has kind of become a legend around our offices, so much so that this ‘life-force’ actually takes shelter in one or other of our desk drawers.

If someone is losing their way, or feeling like their mojo is slipping, we ask out loud , “how’s The TC Spirit doing?" across the office.

To get The Spirit to reveal itself, whoever's feeling the force within them will pull open their bottom drawer for a look, and be bathed in a golden glow - like at the end of Pulp Fiction.

Then they'll look up and say, ‘don't worry it’s absolutely fine’, and so we know that everything’s alright. We go back to work without any doubt about what we’re doing, safe in the knowledge that The Spirit is safe.

We pass this tale on to the new people who start with us. It resonates with them, so much so that they in turn take on the legend to tell to others.

Maybe the spirit of your company is in someone’s drawer too. You should probably have a look around to find out...


Ok so we joke about the TC spirit as living in a bottom drawer but really it's measured by the CHI (Company Happiness Index) which is a rather sensible measurement of how people feel about working in the business.

We take a survey twice a year which scores the wellbeing and happiness of the people throughout the business, and then we act on its conclusions.